adrian pasdarSources pretty much everywhere are confirming that Adrian Pasdar‘s character Nathan Petrelli will be dying in tonight’s episode of Heroes. I don’t even seek out spoilers (I dropped the habit, man), and I still know it’s happening. It would appear that NBC and Tim Kring really want you to know. Rather than use the device just for the plot, it would appear they’re using it as a ploy to get viewers. And if you’ve seen any of this season of Heroes, you understand why.

Pasdar and Kring have already done an interview with USA Today all about the death of Nathan, even though the death hasn’t happened yet. Talk about putting the Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving! While, technically, Nathan was dead as of last season, we had hope that Heroes would figure out ways to keep him around as Sylar/Nathan.

Pasdar, who would like to return to direct an episode (and there’s always the chance he could return in flashback), says shows get kicked when ratings drop, but he thinks in retrospect people will realize how good Heroes is. He remembers a couple of things from his final episode. It was “a terrifically written scene,” and he was hanging by a wire 40 feet off the ground.

“It’s a goodbye, brotherly. ‘You’ve got to let me go. You’ve got to carry on and fight the good fight for the both of us,’ ” he says. “It’s simple and pure.”

But to us, it sounds a tiny bit like defeat – for both Heroes and for Nathan Petrelli.

Things Nathan Petrelli never got to do onscreen:

– Fall in love with one of his bio-daughters best friends.
– Start an X-men like school for people with special abilities.
– Become president.
– Save lobsters.
– Host a stealthy radio show from the underground.
– Slap Mohinder.
– Tell Peter it’s creepy when he makes googly-eyes at Claire.
– Win at Jenga.
– Stop Sylar.
– Fly around inside the Grand Canyon.
– Bake an award-winning apple pie.
– Teach his daughter a useful life skill like how to drive stick.
– Pose (tastefully) for Playgirl.