firefly cast

When most TV shows are on hiatus, it gives us time to look back at our old favorites (hey – I’ve been watching Samantha Who? on DVD, myself!). Nathan Fillion tweeted a link to a Firefly fan-made video of bloopers, saying “This reminds me of good times. Enjoy.” I like the idea that he watched it, because I’ve spent far too much time reading interviews, or conducting interviews, where actors and actresses claim not to watch their shows/movies/whatever. And while it’s understandable that if you spend 15 hours a day shooting a couple scenes you’d be sick of it, you do wonder why some don’t watch when certain shows are such collaborative efforts. I digress! And I’m allowed…to digress!

The video isn’t the best in terms of special effects, but it’s got a super fun Relient K song, with a message that seems pretty relevant to Firefly fans, and actors who were in Firefly. While Adam Baldwin has found a forever(ish) TV home on Chuck, and Fillion is doing well with Castle, Summer Glau had her Terminator series canceled. And the man himself, Joss Whedon – he lost an entire (doll) house recently.