Do you think Rayna James is always the innocent one? I don’t. Here is your Nashville review of “You Win Again”.

Nashville Review “You Win Again”

Juliette is Second Fiddle (the worst fiddle you can be)

Rayna and the guitar player are so flirty, I was almost embarrassed for her. And it really does seem like the tour is favoring Rayna over Juliette. I’m not the only one who saw that poster, right? Although, I guess Rayna is the legend and in most cases we’d be hearing the Juliette character gush about what an honor it is to work with a legend. But Juliette doesn’t want to, because she hates Rayna. It’s crazy that they are being forced to tour together, but that’s life.

Deacon, Deacon, Deacon

The Deacon situation is amazing. This guy is down and out and finally ready to take this job. And I actually really believe in the friendship between Deacon and Juliette, now. He’s even helped her not hate her Mother. But, of course, Rayna has reasons to be upset with this. Even if she wasn’t borrowing Juliette’s plane… she’d see Deacon. Although if you want spoilers… well, Rayna isn’t going to fight her attraction too much. So, eh. I give up. Rayna is more frustrating than Juliette, sometimes.

That’s all I got for you guys tonight. Do you think Juliette still has feelings for Deacon at all? Do you think Rayna is being a diva? And do you think you can wait for two entire weeks before the next episode?

Nashville Season 1, Episode 11 | Nashville “You Win Again” Review | Photo Credit: ABC | Series created by Callie Khouri.