Here’s the Nashville “Yellin from the Rooftop” lyrics!

This song was written by Michael James Ryan Busbee and Sarah Buxton and performed by Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere.)

It is from the Nashville Season 1 Episode 6 – titled “Move it On Over.”

Yelling from the Rooftop Lyrics

Love drug me out of no where
Like lightning form the sky
I wasn’t even looking for the look in your eyes
Glory halleluiah
I feel like I been saved
Washing in the river of your real love waves
It’s something that I never felt
And I can’t keep it to myself
You got me yellin from the roofstop
So everybody knows
You got me falling for you baby
Never letting you go

Nashville Season 1 Episode 6 | Nashville “Move it On Over”| This episode was written by David Marshall Grant. | Photo Credit: ABC Television Studios

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