“It was nothing but a twist of barb wire!” Avery Barkley belted out his “Twist of Barbwire” song on Nashville. Check out the Twist of Barbwire lyrics and Twist of Barbwire video (youtube) below.

The song premiered on Nashville Season 1 Episode 2 “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You).”

Barkley is played by Jonathan Jackson, who sang the song himself.

Nashville Twist of Barbwire Lyrics

See, I love you
Till you don’t know (miss)
See, I love you
Till the far side of dawn
In the morning
if you (miss) me
Don’t leave with your apologies
If you come back
If I liked you at all
Remember I liked you to fall on your knees
Liar, liar, you’re my last desire

Tried to be faithful
Not hard enough I suppose

Tried wearing your jewels
And your heels and your crown
But it was nothing but a twist of barbwire

See, I promise
I’ll be constantly clean
Did you think that
I still say what I mean
Now you’re –
and you have to decide
will you open your legs or your eyes
Do you pray
Cause I pray all the time
Cause the soul can’t escape
what the heart can’t disguise

Thought your kind of love was just the thorn on the rose

(Incomplete lyrics. Corrections welcome.)