Here’s the very best Nashville Season 1 Episode 8 “Where He Leads Me” quotes.

Rayna James quotes: Is winning this election so important?
Teddy Conrad: Apparently so.

Ken: Freakin’ Deacon, the man, the myth.
Deacon Claybourne quotes: Don’t call me a legend, man. I’m not dead yet.

Gunnar Scott quotes: Scarlett Ring Of Fire O’Connor.

Deacon Claybourne quotes: That explains the soda pop.

Coleman: It that’s not an affair then what is it, then?
Rayna James quotes: It’s none of your damn business, is what it is.

Scarlett O’Connor quotes: You can’t go around kissing people because you feel like it.

Rayna James quotes: People don’t just try to kill themselves for no reason. So what happened?

Scarlett O’Connor quotes: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Gunnar Scott: About what?
Scarlett O’Connor quotes: About that stuff you can’t take back even if you want to.

Rayna James quotes: It didn’t happen. Ya’ll made this happen.

Rayna James quotes: I believe in his love for me. I believe in his love for our children. And these people don’t do anything other than show the desperation of some people who are trying to bring us down. So I’m not going to dignify them with any further comment.

Rayna James quotes: I did it for our daughters.

Juliette Barnes quotes: Will you marry me?

Photo Credit: ABC | Nashville Quotes | Created by Callie Khouri.

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