Juliette is such a constant victim. Does anyone still like her or have compassion left for our “poor little rich girl”?

Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack on Nashville. Photo: ABC

Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack on Nashville. Photo: ABC

Nashville “Take These Chains From My Heart” Recap – done in a live blog style.

I loved Juliettes pink and black robe. But Juliette could have anyone. Why go for Dante, of all guys? How do these Kevin Federlind types weasel their way into things like this?

Scarlett has a garden, of COURSE. I want to have a garden. But what are the chances I’ll pull it together?

Scarlett is like “Okay Gunnar, you can go and play with Will. Make sure to do your homework!”

A Subway tie-in! I’m literally eating a subway sandwich (turkey, no cheese, extra olives) right now!

Rayna messing around with Liam… it’s a bad decision, and yet, she’s a little bit lost. She’s without her husband, and the guy she’d like to be with is suddenly unavailable. And because she’s feeling so free, she wants to feel like she can do whatever she wants. And well, who are we to tell her not to date around a bit?

Clare Bowen on Nashville. Photo: NBC

Clare Bowen on Nashville. Photo: NBC

Scarlett! Her outfit is cool, but her fishtail brain is awesome.

Sam Palladio looks so…attractive, rocking out like that. Oh, Gunnar! You have my heart. My damn heart.

Rayna can’t just leave her kids and her Dad to go to St. Lucia!

Juliette’s new place looks exactly like her old place.

This girl’s name is Esme? I thought that was a name that the Twilight lady made-up for that crazy vampire baby thing.

Oh, poor delusional Peggy. (You SUCK, Peggy.) Teddy does not want you anymore. I’ve never felt like Teddy really loved Peggy. I think he just wanted someone who loved him in the way Rayna didn’t.

Oh Gunnar, stop being pouty at Scarlett all the time! She wants to help him, and be their little union again. But he…wants to feel like he’s earned it on his own, I guess.

It’s funny that Scarlett’s wearing Uggs. But the cool knit Uggs, at least.

Stacey, that’s her name!

Rayna is like a school girl with a crush when she’s around Liam. It’s kind of cute.

Well, Esme does not look like Dante’s type at all. Hmmm.

Oh, Scarlett and your white and pink bow dress, you are killing me with sweetness!

And Juliette! I love Juliette’s sparkly fringe dress. How fun!

Juliette is manipulating her Mom to find out if Dante is cheating.

Deacon is looking at Rayna and Liam like, ‘Damn, that coulda been me.”

I couldn’t care less about alliances and politics and all of this talk with all these other characters, augh.

A-ha! Dante framed Juliette’s Mom. Gross. Wow, and he stole all that money! Damn.

Yes, everyone’s trying to move on with their life but you should move on with your lives together! (Rayna and Deacon)

I almost like Scarlett and Avery…but …no, I don’t!

Totally saw that coming! Will DID come between Gunnar and Scarlett, but his aim was on Gunnar! Ha! Knew it! …Kinda knew it?

Rayna/Deacon = YAY.

And next week we have Country Music Awards. Sounds good. Hope to see you then!