Is Rayna more of a diva than Juliette? Let’s discuss Nashville “Someday You’ll Call My Name.” This is a live recap that took place as the show aired on the East Coast.

Nashville Recap “Someday You’ll Call My Name”

Hayden Panettiere’s sparkly dress and hair here look so much better than the dress/hair she wore in the pilot.

Juliette’s Mother seems like a handful. And awful. And just …horrible.

“The one with the little u’s on it.” “Those are horseshoes.” – Har!

Sideboob. Little kids think they need sideboob? Is that a serious thing? Even I don’t think I need sideboob!

juliette barnes

Rayna James Hair: Great low side pony!

Nashville “I Will Fall” Lyrics

“My dog hates blondes. Who knew.” – Gunnar

“I mean the good kind.” – Cheese specifics are important!

People say Juliette Barnes might be based on Taylor Swift, but with this mother situation it seems much more like Lindsay Lohan.

Rayna is wanting this small tour, but resisting what’s going to make it work with the smaller songs. Frustration!

Scarlett is so, so naive and green. I love her, but yea.

That radio show guy had a very calming voice. (I appreciate the little things!)

I see this as a good thing… Scarlett doesn’t want to be in the spotlight or a singer… so she can write songs and someone else can sing them.

It seems like maybe Teddy and Rayna’s Dad may have tried to make a deal behind her back. None of them want her to tour with Deacon.

I’m happy we’re continuing to humanize Juliette. I know she’s got tons of attitude but I don’t see it as black/white as her being a brat and Rayna being a saint. I think they both have diva attitudes sometimes. And Scarlett doesn’t, but is that a good thing? She needs more confidence!

“Go home, go to hell. Don’t you stay here.” – Nashville TV Show Quotes

I’m so glad Juliette has brought up the Bluebird incident. I mean, she’s a girl and that does hurt.

“Sometimes, I’d like to be that girl worth choosing.” – Juliette Barnes Quotes

Did Rayna not know what song her kids were singing? That’s Maisy Stella and Lennon Stella.

These little girls really know how to sing!

How could Rayna’s sister (Edit: that’s not her sister?!) never tell her about their Mom’s affair? That’s cold!

Do you think Juliette is being cold-hearted? I don’t. I suspect she’s tried to help her Mom before, and probably tried to get her clean.

Deacon is a jerk. I’m sad facing. 🙁

Very glad that Avery is now supporting Scarlett. His support is really what she needed.

God, I love Scarlett’s hair. Clare Bowen, tell us your hair secrets!

“I’m trying to do the right thing. But none of it feels right to me.” – Rayna James Quotes

God, that location with the stairs is gorgeous. Heart-breaaaaking.

Juliette shoplifts now? Why? Hm. That’s no good, girl.

Fade Into You was a gorgeous song. Find the Nashville Fade Into You lyrics here.

Episode Grade: A! Totally entertaining.

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Nashville “Someday You’ll Call My Name was written by Liz Tigelaar (a Small Screen Scoop favorite.)

Photo Credit: ABC