There was only one thing that was on the mind of Callie Khouri when writing the Nashville 2013 finale, and I bet I know what it is.


Yes, dear readers. The only thing Khouri could have been thinking of was “cliffhangers, include cliffhangers!” because there’s about ten different ones that were delivered to us on Wednesday night. Let’s talk a little bit about where all of our characters stand.

Rayna – She risked a lot of future happiness and peace of mind by lying to Deacon and her daughter. (Although I understand why she told the lie, I just think she should have come clean about it already.) So I’m pretty sure the whole “Rayna + Deacon = happiness forever” is off. For now, at least. I do think her daughter will forgive her, but also give her attitude all summer long.

Juliette – She’s had a lot of growth this season. As it stands, I think she’s forging ahead with a good friendship/relationship with Avery. Some of her hard edges are softening, and she’s maturing in ways that makes me not roll my eyes at her all the time.

Deacon – Well, he’s planning to lie and be sneaky so he can downward spiral a bit. Which is actually the wrong thing to do, because he should approach his daughter and try to get some sort of joint-custody agreement rather than just being sulky. I’m sure he’ll still be relapsing. I also suspect that both he ad Rayna were injured in the car accident, but one of them more. Probably Rayna. I can see fans and her family hating on Deacon for injuring her. That’d complicate things as he’d be pushed away when he needed people the most, and his daughter would hate him. Amends will need to be made! (Prediction #1) The other option I can see happening is that Deacon is the one who is more badly injured, and unable to play guitar. Either way, one of their careers will be put on pause.

Gunnar and Scarlett – After seeing he might lose her, he’s proposed. I feel like Scarlett should say no, so she probably will say YES. And we’ll start off Nashville season 2 by seeing how they get along as an engaged couple. (Prediction #2.)

All the law/judge/whatever stuff doesn’t interest me. Peggy is pregnant. Yea, yea. Whatever indeed!

So, that wraps us up for season 1. Make sure to read Small Screen Scoop when Nashville season 2 starts. Until then!