Does Teddy think he can have sole custody of the girls?!

Juliette Barnes style - silver dress. Photo: ABC

Juliette Barnes style – silver dress. Photo: ABC

Is Nashville on tonight? Yes! Nashville season 1, episode 20 airs tonight May 15 at 9 pm on ABC. In the episode, there’s lots of Rayna and Deacon kissing. It also looks like Juliette might make an offer to Avery.

Nashville “A Picture from Life’s Other Side” Synopsis

Rayna finds an unlikely ally in Lamar when he sides with her against Teddy about the girls. Jolene sees Juliette struggling and tries to find a way to help. Avery and Will, separately, both get a chance to shine with bigger stars — but will it translate to career gold? And Tandy takes her own agenda to the board of Wyatt Industries.