Rayna James is getting a divorce, but the real trouble is whether she’s losing the title of “best hair” to Scarlett O’Connor! (Trust me, I take this matter VERY seriously.)


Nashville “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” Review

Is Twitter Making Your Life Better?

Well, Juliette is of the Justin Bieber era of social media. And she’s going to learn the hard way that a tweet isn’t just a tweet… it’s an instance for madness to ensue. While I fully embrace the idea of Juliette taking the reigns of her brand and her music… she can’t do it thoughtlessly. And sending out a tweet like she did? Totally without real, mindful thought!

Stacy the Vet is …Kinda Kickass

Well, opposites attract. I mean, it’s the thing of great Mandy Moore movies, right? So Deacon finding someone who doesn’t know who he is, let alone even LIKE country music? It’s a recipe for romance. (*Sizzles*) And you know what? I dig her character. She’s clever and down-to-earth and she’s a vet which means she’s helping animals…which, yea. I would have been a vet if I could stomach half of the things you have to do. (The very idea of tapeworms makes me shiver.)

Avery Makes me Snore

His storyline? SNOOZE. Who likes him? Who cares? Everyone wants Scarlett/Gunnar, and so do I. So, I’m glad to see Avery having a tough time liking what’s happening in the business. And I’m sure there’s a larger idea here for us to grasp about how the struggle artists go through can be like at different levels… Blah blah. I’m just done with this character.

By the end of the episode he got all liberated and moral… but I still felt apathetic, at best, towards his character.

Juliette Barnes Style

I loved what she wore for her concert…it was incredibly boho chic with that red peasant top, wavy hair, and gold teardrop earrings.

Not sure HOW wild I was about her outfit at the end of the episode, but the single side braid deal was pretty…fun. I think. I’m not entirely sold, see?

Scarlett O’Connor Style + Bonus Problems

She’s so beautifully disheveled like a gypsy princess, you know? I love her hair (Clare Bowen’s hair > Connie Britton’s hair, nearly!) I love how she walked around in that flouncy blue and white dress, carrying a banjo. Like, if you saw that person walking ’round you’d want to know them, instantly. You’d also probably wonder if she was some sort of Unicorn Princess like from The Last Unicorn, cause Lord knows I do every time I see her. Envious, me? …Yes.

And then her midnight rendezvous with Gunnar? OF COURSE she wears 30’s era vintage bloomers and a silk robe. It was so sweet and retro.


Of course, I want to  address the way Gunnar totally screwed Scarlett over with their big break, AND with the sexual escapade. Like Scarlett, I also respect his grief. But he’s being so damn mean to her. When he said, “Will you stop doing that, I don’t need your pity,” I couldn’t believe it. BOYFRIEND IS COLD. (I know he’s not her boyfriend, but I’m just being sassy.)

Was Teddy a Jerk?

I totally was with him as he said that Rayna had missed a lot of sprains and scratches over the years. Rayna wants to stay now probably for plenty of reasons. But then the instant they both saw their daughter he sternly said, “Say goodbye to your Mom.” It was so cold and controlling.

Hang On

By the end of this episode I was battling a fierce headache and not feeling particularly engaged with Gunnar’s grief/rage/jerkishness. But I really adored how Scarlett was still caring about him so much, concerned enough to involve Deacon. And seeing her run across the parking lot to stop him seemed like such a real, dramatic, and sincere moment on that part of that character. She cared. She cared enough to forget about pride or what might be smart or anything else. And as a fellow bleeding heart, I understand that. (Pus, it makes for great TV, don’t be fooled.) And then, THEN Deacon gave that speech about letting go of the bad and embracing the good… well, he said it much more eloquently. It was just perfect..

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