Has Juliette Barnes become completely predictable?

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Nashville Review – “I Saw the Light”

Fireside Songs

Like Scarlett, I’d love to walk outside to my backyard and find two handsome men playing guitar by a fire. Of course, I didn’t like her cold shoulder from Gunnar. Why does he have to be so tough on Scarlett? Is it just because she got a deal, or because she didn’t break the news to him sooner? I don’t like the idea of him being a jerk… but I gotta be honest, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a selfish/jerky side from him. …Okay, so we found out that Gunnar was just mad that Scarlett didn’t respect him to tell him. I guess. I’m glad he wasn’t going to let Scarlett deny herself that opportunity. But I’m also … conflicted. I think what Scarlett said to Gunnar was sweet.

Veterinarian’s Don’t Last

Deacon, Deacon, Deacon. You shouldn’t have invited your girlfriend on tour without warning her first about how you’d been romantically involved with both of the superstar headliners… I like Stacey. But if I’ve learned anything from ABC dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s that anyone who’s a Veterinarian only makes for a good side storyline. (P.S. I stopped watching Grey’s years ago, but I saw a more recent episode and…they bought a hospital?!)

Share and Share Alike

Juliette stealing her Mother’s support system seems so selfish. Even though I can understand why she see’s that role and wants it. He’s helpful. And it’s probably gotta feel good (even unconsciously) to take away something that supportive person from her Mom, because her Mom took away her support. (Does that make sense? Her Mom was the support to Juliette.)

Loose Canon? Nah
You know Juliette’s speech to the corporate sponsors? What do you bet ANYTHING that Lindsay Lohan’s publicist is writing that down word for word? I think the sponsors are dumb, because there’s no way Juliette’s done being impulsive and crazy. Remember when Britney Spears was just a silly, young girl who surprised us all by getting an impromptu Vegas wedding with some kid from her hometown? Well, that was a red flag of days to come. There are always signs.

The Girls

If you didn’t get chills while watching Daphne and Madison singing… then I don’t understand you. And their voices.. oh man.


Juliette’s silver dress. GET OUT OF TOWN.

Avery’s a Roadie, ha!

Juliette sleeping with her Mom’s sponsor? Of course. Because he’s a male, and he’s there. Ugh.

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