Here are the best quotes from Nashville (ABC) “Take These Chains from my Heart.”

sam palladio

Sam Palladio on Nashville. Photo: ABC

Dante, like you would know.
You know that’s two languages, right? – Dante, to Juliette

Such a solid motto.
Why cook if the world delivers? – Stacey

It’s very true.
Okay, can you keep her? Cause you’re happy, and she’s lovely. – Scarlett to Deacon about Stacey

Very free.
I feel freer than I ever have, really. – Rayna
How free? – Liam


We went to second base, does that make me a slut? – Rayna

You should probably get yourself a new band leader. – Deacon
It’s fine, you’re replaceable. – Juliette


It coulda been love.
I tried forever to fight this thing between you and me. And just when I think I get there… – Deacon to Rayna

Best, Best, Best!

I love you. That’s just never not been true. … I love you, and that is the truth. And I needed to let you know. And so I did. – Rayna