Enjoy our Nashville pilot recap! Nashville TV show trivia straight from Hayden Panettiere is included!

Connie Britton is such a star. I smile when she says “ya’ll.”

Scarlett is obviously a sweetheart. Clare Bowen was a great casting choice.

Juliette Barnes reminds me of Kim Kardashian with picking out all this perfume stuff.

“Isn’t it part of your job to make sure she does not get my number?” – Juliette Barnes Quotes

Clearly Juliette has issues with her Mom. Hayden Panettiere is so fun, I love her in this role.

Hayden Panettiere tweeeted: LOVE the costumes, but that sparkly dress was about as uncomfortable as it gets!

“She’s royalty. Just kiss the ring.” – Nashville Quotes

Hayden Panettiere tweeted: Fun fact…Burgess Jenkins and I did Remember the Titans together 13 years ago….yikes!

“We should try that again sometime, only slower.” – Juliette Barnes

Hayden Panettiere tweeted: The best thing about shooting at the opry is all the REAL musicians we get to incorporate

“I’m sure you’re gonna wanna make sure you’ve got those girls tucked in real good.” – Rayna James

Hayden Panettiere tweeted: I hafta admit, filming the scene with Connie in the dressing room was hard. I kept apologizing to her for being so rude!

Normally this character of Rayna would come off as a brat, but Britton conveys a real sense of value and respect. I can understand how a seasoned performer wouldn’t wanna suddenly be bumped down to second string.

“Who was the genius who came up with this idea?” – Rayna James Quotes

I wonder if they are trying to make Juliette seem like Taylor Swift, with these sparkly dresses? I doubt Swift is a brat like Juliette at all.

I may have to cover Nashville fashion because there are some great clothes! I love Rayna’s white coat and pearl necklace.

“Thank God for autotune.” – Nashville Quotes

“Mama’s got a headache.” – Rayna James Quotes

How much do you covet Rayna’s vanity and huge mirror?

“Why do people keep pretending she’s good? Sounds like feral cats to me.” – Rayna James

“I bet you and I could have a lot of fun on the road.” – Juliette Barnes

Aw, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are both trending on Twitter! Yaaaay.

How much do you want to listen to (scratch that – sing) Country music, wear cowboy boots, and generally be Southern?

“Rayna’s not the only woman in the world.” – Juliette
“You’re a girl.”

Hayden Panettiere tweeted: I don’t believe ppl are born mean. they behave that way because of the experiences in their lives. So watch with an open mind and heart

Rayna’s sister is a jerk, Yup.

Remember when Jewel flirted with doing country music?

Deacon (Charles Esten) looks a little like Matt Bomer.

“I’m having a diva dip.” – Rayna James Quotes

“It wasn’t that long ago that I was the country of Country music.” – Rayna

“Sometimes I wish I could just do everything all over again.” – Rayna
“What would you change?” – Deacon
“Nothing. Everything.” – Rayna

Hayden Panettiere tweeted: All of the vocals are the real deal from the cast. We all have very different voices which adds so much to the show and characters.

So that is Connie Britton really singing and that is Hayden Panettiere really singing on Nashville. Good to know.

See, we do have a reason to feel bad for Juliette. Her Mom is horrible.

Scarlett insisting these are poems and not songs is just kind of stupid. Obviously they can be interchangeable unless she was all strict about being a serious poet. Her storyline is a little cheesy.

Rayna is really trying to throw her weight around. But it is not working.

“Well, you can kiss my decision as it’s walking out the door.” – Rayna

Rayna is having a bad month. I mean. I’d throw my hands up and just march to therapy for five hours straight.

Rayna’s father is definitely the kind of person you have to call “Daddy.” (This is not a sexual thing, don’t make it dirty!)

Aw, The Bluebird Cafe is the name? Cute. Are people in Nashville just so much nicer than everywhere else?

We’ll need a list of Songs on Nashville. “If I didn’t know better, but dammit I do.” 0 Scarlett’s song

Gunnar (Sam Palladio) is so attractive. And his voice. Oh, his voice. And I love his voice with Clare’s. So good.

Rayna must hate the way her family wants to use her. I would. She’s a pawn.

So, what did you all think of Nashville?!

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