This outfit is all about Juliette’s silver dress. That’s how much I love it. If I was a country rock star, I’d totally wear it on stage. Or, you know, to Starbucks. WHEREVER.


Nashville ‘A Picture from Life’s Other Side’ Recap – Live Blog

I love Juliette’s silver dress. And you know she loves the attention from Avery.

Avery / Juliette = sexual tension, future sex times!

Juliette Barnes: You kinda bailed on me. Was that cause I told you to stay away from me or cause you couldn’t keep up?

Juliette Barnes: That’s a very ballsy thing to say to your boss. You’re lucky you’re cute.

And then we move to Scarlett with that cool blue and white outfit, and her twisted, twirled and braided hair. Sometimes I wish my hair was that long again.

Juliette can’t stay clear of scandal. How sucky. But that’s why someone like Juliette can’t just go trusting ANYONE.

Juliette Barnes: I want that video.

Aw, the girls are singing!

Juliette Barnes: Pretty much everybody that’s told me they loved me in my life has lied.

Avery: I’ve been in love.
Juliette Barnes: And how’d that go for you?

Will is so great. I mean…he’s a real live cowboy! A ballsy one. And I’d almost think he was a jerk to force his way in to success, but at least he’s nice.

Gunnar even LOOKS emo now. He is pretending to be a rebel. What a jerk. I laughed when Scarlett said to herself, “That’s enough of that.”

It is massively uncool for Juliette to blame her mother for the jerk. Juliette hooked up with him on her own.

Board member: Nobody wants to feel stabbed in the back, even if that’s what’s happening.

Scarlett: I tend to support the people I’m dating. But according to you we’re not dating.

Rayna has been served with looking SMOKING HOT in that black jacket and black camisole. Yes, I am PRETTY into the fashion on ABC’s Nashville, you found me out. And I never even considered myself a country gal! But ever since I got hooked on The Voice with Blake Shelton and all those great team members like Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, Holly Tucker… oh, and Amber Carrington from Team Adam… well, let’s just say I’m getting more into the whole swing of the square dance.

Rayna: Hey, you know what? I love you.

You know, I wish more celebs would be like “this award presentation is dumb, let’s change the lines!”

It’s too bad Juliette can’t seek guidance from Rayna. I mean, if she could swallow her PRIDE…I bet Rayna could give her tons of wisdom.

Wow, Gunnar is sweaty in a non-sexy way. In more of a gross way. Or super gross.

Why is Rayna wearing gold lame and bronze lame? It clashes! Yes, this concerns me.

Rayna hasn’t needed a favor from her Dad since 16? Wow. That’s quite a streak.

Scarlett’s red dress and butterfly necklace are so cute for her performance! Although I am kind of laughing, because her hair somehow looks like a long mohawk to me.

Scarlett: I don’t feel like I belong here.
Deacon: I’m pretty sure they all felt that way.

When Juliette said, “This time I’m not so different than…” I expected her to say “Kim Kardashian.”

I’m glad Juliette has a nice assistant.

Highway 65 Records!

Looking for a Place to Shine – We posted the lyrics on Small Screen Scoop already!

Oh God, Juliette’s Mom should not have done that. Damn.

Did you just see the terror in Juliette’s eyes? Hayden Panettiere did some good acting there. But … man, how tough. HOW SAD. Nooooooo.

Scarlett: I fell in love with you, not your brother.

We knew this break-up was coming, but HOW sad. Gunnar really screwed it up. Avery now has an in with Scarlett, or Juliette.

And Juliette. Well, I don’t know what to say. How sad. What a tragedy for her. (And tragedy is good for Country music, yea… but still.) I love that Hayden Panettiere wasn’t too vain to say they couldn’t show her doing an ugly cry, with a red face.

Oh wow, the daughter just found out the truth about who her father is. Wowie. (Omg and her lamp shade was cool!)

Okay, that wraps it up for this episode. I’ll see you here next week for the Nashville finale!