Here are the best Nashville quotes from “I Saw the Light.”

juliette and rayna

This batch includes Juliette not exactly mastering the idea behind positive mantras. Enjoy!

Nashville Quotes

It’s the thought that counts
Scarlett: (To Gunnar, about gloves) They’re awful. Thank you.

She’s not doing this right
Juliette Barnes: I am zen. I am positive. I am…really pissed off.

Wise words
Tandy: You do realize they just wanna be like you.
Rayna James: They can be like anything they want…they just have to grow up first.

It’s a positive way to think
Juliette Barnes: My best days are not behind me. They’re in front of me.

So, all’s well…for now
Juliette: Thank you for being here tonight Mama, this is for you.

So, so sweet
Gunnar: Sign the damn contract please.
Scarlett: I love you, too.

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