Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) performed “I’m a Girl” in the Nashville season 1, episode 12 – “I’ve Been Down that Road Before.”

juliette barnes

It’s an upbeat, girly tune that isn’t in the direction of the songs she wants to do. Enjoy it while you can.

Nashville “I’m a Girl” Lyrics

I can rock a Target tank top
Gucci sunglasses
cheap flip flops
and still look like a million bucks to you
You know it’s true

Throw my hair up and be ready to go
Spend all night trying on clothes
I can make up –
and blame it all on you

You wouldn’t understand it

I’m a girl, oh yea
I can get a free drink from flipping my hair
Stay home
with a bottle of wine
and you

I’m a girl, I got skills
I can dance all night in five inch heels
Can make you feel like the luckiest boy in the world
Cause I’m a girl

— At a drop of a hat
When I get pulled over for going too fast
Drive away with his phone number too

I’m an expert in chocolate and Chinese food
And at that time of the month, I feel sorry for you
I’m a pain, shoot
Ain’t nothing you can do

I like my men real tall
well, I kinda like them all

I’m a girl, oh yea

Written by Mallary Hope