Using the superior talent of our TV-addled minds, we have isolated the 4 most shocking moments from the Nashville season 2 premiere.

NASHVILLE - "I Fall to Pieces" - After the crash, Rayna is in a coma and Deacon is left to wait on his pending jail sentence. Teddy is still shell-shocked about Peggy's pregnancy and struggles to understand where he belongs... Is it by Rayna's side with his daughters? Meanwhile, Maddie grapples with the revelation that Deacon is her father and, feeling alone, turns to Juliette, unwittingly revealing the details of what happened before the traumatic crash. And Gunnar and Scarlett's relationship becomes even more complicated after the proposal, so they turn to their friends, Will and Zoey, for support, on the Season 2 Premiere of "Nashville," WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Katherine Bomboy-Thornton) LENNON STELLA, HAYDEN PANETTIERE

Nashville season 2 (ABC/Katherine Bomboy-Thornton)

Juliette Exploits Rayna’s Coma

Well, it should come as no surprise that even with death at the door, Juliette is super ambitious and competitive. When she learns that Rayna’s album will be #1, even with Juliette’s new album drop, she’s furious. When she can’t change the album release date, she gets inventive. Her last-minute idea is to sing a Rayna James song, and turn her show into a bit of a memorial. This is all followed by Juliette (in a white dress, no less) passing out candles, and asking the crowd to show up at the hospital with her. So, Juliette is still cutthroat. But keep reading…

Juliette Does Break-down, proving she’s RLY human!

Hooray! We got to see Juliette shed her veneer and prove to the audience that she really does care about Rayna. After spending the entire episode proving to herself and everyone else that she doesn’t give two flying fig’s about Rayna’s coma, we see Juliette grieving in private over some candles and Rayna’s album. Although, of course, this might also be a time she’s reflecting upon her Mom. (Which is probably why Juliette has been so afraid to grieve for Rayna, because she doesn’t want to totally break down over all this sorrow.)

We learn/remember Rayna was the one driving

I’ll be honest… I can’t remember if we already knew that Rayna was the one driving. Of course, this frees up Deacon from being 100% at fault. It was great when we saw someone else realize this, and do something with it to release Deacon.

We see that Peggy lies about still being pregnant

Perhaps the biggest shock is to learn that the execs of Nashville are still going to push this boring storyline. Ugh. So, Peggy was pregnant with Teddy’s child. Except, she miscarried. But she decides not to tell Teddy, so he still feels beholden to her. Aye yi yi!

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