Did Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) just morph into an incredibly sympathetic character on Nashville? Let’s discuss in this Nashville recap!

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“Telescope” by Juliette Barnes. They hit it with us right away. What did you think? I actually enjoyed it in the way I enjoy most Taylor Swift songs.. And that music video was (admit it) fun. Plus, the styling? Pretty young/cute. I love Hayden Panettiere’s hair, although I’m pretty sure it’s mostly hair extensions.

Juliette Barnes… she’s feisty. Like how she said to fire that guy who insulted her? I can understand not wanting someone benefiting from you if they don’t even like you or your work. And Juliette is so insecure that the easiest thing for her to do is lash out and use her power to fix the problem. I actually think Rayna would do the same thing. All people have egos. Especially performers.

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott can’t turn down such a great deal, right?  But I totally understand why she didn’t want to tell her boyfriend about it. She’s too sweet of a girl. Rayna and Juliette, on the other hand, are only sweet at certain times. But the thing with Scarlett is she’s too sweet. She’s a pushover. She needs to grow and be stronger.

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Hmmm. This is where I start wondering about where is Nashville filmed… in Nashville? (Don’t laugh, this is a valid question!)  I love where Juliette and Deacon went to go write…with the pond and those trees. Those trees are the best thing in the world. I’m kind of a nature junkie. Which is weird, because I don’t like to get muddy/dirty (unless it’s for spa purposes.) Still, I just love the country or countryside or whatever you want to call it.

Deacon  (Charles Esten) with a guitar? Heavenly. I see the appeal, Juliette. I’m fanning myself.

However, Gunnar (Sam Palladio)? I also see the appeal. I see a lot of appeal!

Okay, and I can’t hold off on talking about the Nashville fashion. Rayna’s dress and low side ponytail was so elegant and pretty. Honestly, why did Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere look so… un-special at the Emmy’s? They’re so gorgeous, who are their stylists?!

Avery Barkley (Jonathan Jackson) is a soul sucker. He is so doom and gloomy and so ego-centric that I’m sure he’d have no room for a successful musical girlfriend. I have known plenty of musicians like this. Ladies – they are no good for you. Their dreams will always come before you.

Juliette focusing on only wanting Deacon on her team is not … so single-minded as it seems. I think she really wants to be taken more seriously as a musician. In a general sense. And she’s also loving what she can’t have. She’s our unrequited love girl. Which is funny, that of all people it’s her who has that. Well, not only her…

Rayna might have guilt about moving on with Teddy before Deacon got himself together. I would.

Scarlett (Clare Bowen) looks similar to Elisha Cuthbert to me. And both are gorgeous. Drop dead style.

This scene between Scarlett and Gunnar is romantic. There’s something about pools late at night… they heighten everything with a glow. It’s a cheap backdrop for anyone looking to set a nice mood – remember that!

Teddy is being a good guy to his wife. Which is nice to see. Though, it took a bit of prodding.

I felt so bad when Deacon called Rayna up to the stage when Juliette thought it was for her. I mean, Juliette was there supporting him (well, courting him) without being asked to be there. It’s too easy to just hate on Juliette, so I can’t do it. Can you?

I think Deacon is still in love with Rayna. For sure. Oh yea. And I’m pretty sure she’s still got feeeeelings for him. And I like that storyline. Although I feel like Juliette will inevitably out this couple and there will be a big scandal. Right? That’ll totally happen. And then Juliette will write really powerful F-you songs. So, really, it might be the best thing that ever will happen to her.

The political stuff is interesting, but nothing so great that I need to go on about it. Politics, secrets, blah blah. Burn the evidence!

I don’t really understand why Rayna loves or is even with Teddy. He’s kind of boring. Stable and predictable might be appealing for her, though? But we all need passion!

So, while you all think about passion I want to know what you guys thought about Nashville episode 2. Do you think Rayna is only just now realizing she has feelings for Deacon, or have they been there all along? Did you like Juliette’s “Telescope” song?

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