Was Juliette’s bridal walk to her private jet extra empowering or especially dumb? Here is my Nashville review of “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw.”

The right song at the wrong time

For those of you who forgot, “The Wrong Song” is amazing. I was glad they brought this up early in the episode, because I needed that reminder. Plus, it put a lot of great plot stuff in motion with the tour and our two dueling divas having to buddy up together.

Juliette Barnes Style

Juliette got married, in a white dress no less! I loved her little white dress, pulled back hair and dangling earrings. (As for her actual marriage, all she wants to do is keep running. She wants to run away and do crazy things. But her new husband is going to be annoyed when he realizes he’s just a distraction.)

Later, Juliette had a sparkly red dress, high bun and big sparkly studs.

While performing for stage rehearsal and singing “Boys and Buses” she wore a great green peplum top.

Visiting her Mom was a chance to wear a side braid and a layered scarf. Great silver hoops finished off this chilly-weather look.

Divorce Time

Do you think Rayna will divorce Teddy? And it seems certain Juliette is divorcing Sean… man. It is not happy times for our leading ladies! Why do you think Juliette changed her mind?

Scarlett and Avery 2.0 (Is already over)

Well, I love Scarlett’s place and how she decorated… even how she moved the couch. But I don’t like Avery even a lick.

A hole inside you

I was incredibly surprised when Juliette followed-through and visited her Mother in rehab. Sadly, her Mother wasn’t on board. Normally I’d be against this last minute marriage deal.. but since Juliette was already married I was disappointed that her Mom couldn’t congratulate her.


Once upon a time Scarlett was timid and afraid to get on a stage. But now she offers herself up to perform in front of a big crowd? Well, she’s been propelled to be more after Avery crapped all over her. I like her new direction, I just wonder if it happened too fast. I mean, does she even have a Pinterest inspiration board?!

Nashville Season 1, Episode 9 | Nashville “Be Careful of the Stones You Throw” Review | Photo Credit: ABC | This episode was written by David Gould. Series created by Callie Khouri.