Deacon gave a romantic, impassioned declaration in this episode of Nashville that you really can’t miss. These are the “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” most memorable lines!


Nashville “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” Quotes

Uh, okay JERK!
Gunnar: Look Scarlett. It doesn’t mean… it doesn’t have to mean anything.

Something tells me her manage doesn’t agree she’s responsible enough…
Juliette Barnes Quotes: I think it’s time for me to sit at the adult table, don’t you?

She’s trying to be tactful, at least…
Rayna James Quotes: If you could keep your “special projecting” out of the family home, I would really appreciate it.

Is this the wake-up call Juliette needs?
Juliette Barnes Quotes: Why is everybody trying to act like this is completely my fault?
Rayna James Quotes: Because this is competently your fault.

NASHVILLE – “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” — Katie Couric guest stars as herself when Rayna appears on the “Katie” show, trying to set the record straight about her marriage and discussing balancing her career with motherhood. ABC Television Network. (ABC/LOU ROCCO)

Nah, you really ARE strung out on Rayna…
Deacon Claybourne Quotes: You sure you’re not drinking? That’s the dumbest damn thing I ever heard.

Ugh, it’s so romantic…
Deacon Claybourne Quotes: Let it go, man. It is some dark crap. And there is nothing there for you. You wanna hang on to something? Hang onto her.
Scarlett O’Connor Quotes: Come on.

Damn straight!
Rayna James Quotes: You’re probably grounded for life.

The definition of Country music…
Stacy: It’s just beer and broken hearts.

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