future girlfriend

If you haven’t ever watched the youtube series We Need Girlfriends, then I don’t know what you’re doing with all of the hours you spend online. But clearly – come on. Go do it. I have excellent taste and I highly enjoyed that series. I was very sad when it went away, especially since it was supposed to become a sitcom on Fox or CBS or something. I even interviewed the three guys responsible for the show, and one of the actors (blammo: visual aid).

Low and behold, I saw this video on my subscriptions channel (which I hardly ever check, oops) today. WATCH!

The first episode of Ragtag Productions web series “We Need Girlfriends.”Get ready to get addicted. How would I describe the series? It’s like Entourage, if there was an episode of Entourage I actually wanted to watch.

Trailer for WNG: