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Concerned Watchers of SNL say WTF to Ke$ha
Comment # 10 by Yer Stoopid
Lastly, WTF is a “gay awesome”???

It’s Not Alias, But Nothing Is | Covert Affairs on USA
Comment # 3 by Chris
Ugh. USA may have a strong track record for launching new shows but this looks like Melrose Place with spies.

Lost ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’ Review
Comment # 1 by Mike
Worst Lost episode I’ve ever seen. Hurely is the Jar Jar Binks of Lost. Even Lucas fixed that mistake.

Hands Down the Best Supernatural Fan Made Video I’ve Seen

Comment # 3 by Cassie
You should definitely watch this one as well: It’s the best Supernatural creepy video ever.

The Project Runway Judges Want Their Show Canceled
Comment # 5 Sue
I think it would have made sense to have the designers design the print, and the judges judge the fabric. THEN, the next challenge would have been for another designer to design a dress using someone else’s print.