Cute, fresh and funny – My Boys is a sitcom that appeals to both genders.

The My Boys cast includes Jordana Spiro as ambitious sports writer P.J. Franklin. Aside from one gal pal (Kellee Stewart), Franklin hangs out with a bunch of boys (make that – attractive and funny boys) played by Kyle Howard, Reid Scott, Michael Bunin, Jamie Kaler, and Jim Gaffigan.)

This TV series does what How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days did for movies, by providing an entertaining program that both men and women can relate to and enjoy watching.

I love the way this ensemble cast works together – they have believable friendships. Every season of this show is very re-watchable because it encourages you to relax, laugh at life, and just eat a cheeseburger (all things in a PRO column.)

Nerd Notes:

Similar to: Friends, How I Met Your Mother

Stand-out cast performance: Jordana Spiro

Favorite character: Reid Scott as Brendan

What fictional TV character(s) would watch this: Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segal on How I Met Your Mother), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars)

You’d might be surprised: You don’t have to love sports to enjoy the show. Personally? Sports aren’t my thing at all.

Something to especially enjoy (and to get a taste for the humor) are the episode titles. These include, “Facebook your Past,” “John, Cougar, Newman, Camp,” “Jack and Bobby,” and “Carpe Burritoem.”

My favorite parts of season two include the Project Runway-inspired T-shirt contest the boys do, the “Copy Slave'” rapping, the episode where everyone said “dude”, Dr. Brando, and the bobblehead commentary.

Following in the grand tradition of dumb contests, one of my favorite parts of season three involves the mustache-growing competition. Other stand-outs of that season include, “How would I even know Jeremy Piven?,” and the stake-out mini van.

Seasons two and three of My Boys have been packaged together in a DVD set, which is now for sale. And take a look at the Official My Boys Website for videos, games and quizzes.

A new season of My Boys begins on TBS,  July 25 at 10/9c.

Disclaimer: We received the DVDs to review.