There have been countless times that a TV show has turned me on to a great singer or band. On the flip side of that, I’d like to suggest some musicians that TV shows ought to consider using on their program.

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Who: Bess Rogers
Genre: Folky/pop for dreamers that like to love a lot. So in other words, indie.
TV Show Suggestions: White Collar, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars (she actually had a song on there, which I only found out right now)
Song Suggestions: “What We Want” and “Bulldozer” and “I Don’t Worry”
Youtube: Channel

Two more suggestions under the jump.

Who: Jessie Murphy in the Woods
Genre: Folky/pop for people who love the elusive bright dark of dawn.
TV Show Suggestions: Weeds, The Vampire Diaries, House, Bones
Song Suggestions: “God Save Owen Wilson” and “When I Am a Horse Again” and “Song for Fukushima” and “In The Woods”
Website: In The Woods
Youtube: Channel

Who: Andrea Wittgens
Genre: Jazzy pop with a quirky, upbeat attitude
TV Show Suggestions: Nurse Jackie, Covert Affairs, Cougar Town
Song Suggestions: “Starry Night” and “Blue Eyed Fool”
Youtube: N/A but there is a Pandora page

Do you have an artist you’d like to suggest? Let us know in the comments!

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