music by prudence hboThere was a lot of weird controversy over the acceptance speech when Music by Prudence won the Academy Award for “Documentary: Short Subject”. We cannot let that silly story of “I should be the one to talk on stage!” overcome that actual message of the documentary. The message is one about the strength that lies within accepting others into our hearts without judgment, and keeping the embers of hope alive in your heart. When we feel ostracized, we tend to shuffle backwards out of the spotlight -feeling shy and unworthy. A young woman named Prudence came forward instead. And this is her story. And her story is her message. (And yes, I legit have tears in my eyes now, like a big sap.) Like anyone who has ever been an outsider, Prudence is a symbol of victory for us all.

What is Music by Prudence About? In Zimbabwe, there is a traditional belief that children who are born disabled are a result of witchcraft and, as a result, physically challenged children are often neglected and rejected by their families. This 2009 Academy Award winner for Documentary Short Subject tells the story of a young woman named Prudence, who has a rare congenital disorder called anthrogryposis, and her Afro-fusion band “Liyana”- all physically challenged musicians. Music by Prudence follows this strong and resilient young woman, whose wonderful voice has helped her leave behind the years of rejection and neglect towards a bright and hopeful future.

The Oscar-winning documentary,Music By Prudence, premieres on HBO2 on Wednesday, May 12 @ 8:00pm ET/PT