The Office episode Murder was one of my favorite ones of this season. I have a deleted scene from Murder for you guys to watch. It involves Michael telling Erin the new protocol for answering phones since he doesn’t want to hear anything bad from Dunder Mifflin (we don’t either, Michael!). I have to say, I LOVE this deleted scene! Erin (Ellie Kemper)  is so endearing and man did she have it rough in this episode. Steve Carell is just knocking it outta the park, or whatever other sports metaphor thingy works to say he’s doing awesome (I don’t really ‘know’ sports – though I DO know that I love Carell).

The second clip I have to share is of Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin on The Office) behind the scenes at her EW Photoshoot. I’m glad to hear that Kinsey sees a future between Angela and Dwight.

Murder – Clip One [1:40]

Michael tells Erin the harsh truth.

A Photoshoot with Angela [1:36]

Angela takes you backstage as she struts her stuff for EW. For EW’s coverage of Angela Kinsey, check out: Angela Kinsey EW