MTV has developed an American Skins TV show, with a new cast of people and even some slight alterations in characters. Here’s a full list below!

aura skins

Eleanor Zichy plays Aura: On the original you know this as the Effy character. She is “Tony’s, mysterious younger sister.” Zichy says, “Skins, in one word, is truthful.”

Camille Cresencia-Mills plays Daisy: Her parents introduced her to the original show. Seems like she has cool parents. “Describing Skins in one word? Raw.” I believe this is the Jael character.

Rachel Thevenard plays Michelle: “Michelle is fiery. … She is a pretty sweet girl, but you don’t want to f*&k with her.” This was already a favorite show of Rachel’s. All right! “Skins, in one word. True. In two words: lucid dream.”

Daniel Flaherty plays Stanley: This is the “Sid” character. “He’s just a totally chill dude,” says Flaherty. He was also already a fan of the UK series. Niiice. “Friendship. Sexy friendship,” is how he describes Skins.

Jesse Carere plays Chris: “He is the one who everyone loves,” Carere says.

skins abbud

Ron Mustafaa plays Abbud: This kid is adorable. He says getting the show was the best Christmas gift of his life. His words for Skins? “Real and raw and raunchy.” This is the Anwar role.

Britne Oldford plays Cadie: I believe this is the Cassie character. She also defends chamber choir, so she rocks. Her word to describe Skins? “Awesome.”

James Newman plays Tony: Ah, the alpha male. I’m curious to see if James can really own this role.  His one word to describe Skins is “different.”

Sofa Black D’Elia plays Tea: This character was Maxxie (a gay male) on the original Skins. She was also a fan of the original. Her one word for Skins is “unique.”

Skins premieres on MTV January 17, 2011. Visit the Official MTV Skins site.

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