Timing is everything. And sometimes you get lucky. Such is the case with MTV’s Catfish.

Nev Schulman et al have been trying to make “Catfish” a thing for a long time. But with this Manti Te’o scandal happening right now, as Catfish the TV show is a new and strong presence, the planets have aligned. And now, Gretchen Weiners, “Catfish” will forever be the official way of explaining someone on the internet lied to you about who they were. Seriously, talk about free publicity.

Plus, Schulman has now become the crisis manager of this situation, he’s essentially the go-to guy for it. Check out these Tweets:

@NevSchulman: I am working on finding out more about this @MTeo_5 #Catfish story. I have been in contact with the woman involved and will get the truth.

@NevSchulman: Update: @JayRahz & @Ceeweezy51 knew all along — However this #Manti story ends, it doesn’t change that we are all the victims of a #Catfish

@NevSchulman:.@MTeo_5 I know how you feel. It happened 2 me. I want 2 help tell ur story & prevent this from happening to others in the future. Lets talk

With all of these shout-out’s to MTV’s new show, the ratings boost that Catfish will get certainly won’t hurt.

The series itself has made me feel very conflicted. More on that later.