Revisit a memorable (and educational) segment from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Young kids exposed to educational programming on PBS can, in fact, retain that learned information for their entire life. I know that for a fact, because I remember how stamps used to be made.

Perhaps it’s in part because I’m such a visual learner, but I remember many moments on shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers did a particularly great ongoing segment on how things were made, including one on How Stamps Are Made.

I distinctly remember the video segment where viewers could see the behind-the-scenes process of how a stamp was being inked. Since then, I’ve forever had an adoration of the 19080’s Puppy Love Stamp. Isn’t the brown dog cute, even if he also looks a bit mopey?

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Volume 3, Ep. 6 “Work (#1526) How People Design and Make Postage Stamps”

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Mister Rogers takes a field trip to the US Postal Service to see how people design and make postage stamps. In Make-Believe there’s a heat wave and King Friday plans the “spectacular” addition of a swimming pool.

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Pictures of the Puppy Love Stamp

mr. rogers how things are made

The stamp made on the show was this brown dog one. And it’s been made into the Necklace Brown Dog Postage Stamp Pendant, available on the Etsy shop Plume Pretty.

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