If you watch even one episode of the guilty pleasure Bravo TV show Most Eligible Dallas, you’ll fall for two of the cast  members. One is Glenn Pakulak, the other is Neill Skylar. In fact, this fan wouldn’t mind seeing Neill and Glenn date. But who is Neill Skylar dating? Looks like it’ll be Matt Nordgren.

About Neill Skylar

Is Courtney Kerr the Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) of Most Eligible Dallas?

Neill is 23 and from Dallas, Texas. At 18, she went to Los Angeles and New York to explore her options as a musician and actress. She is a new, single, Mom, but still interesting in having a music career. Her son, Major, is a 1-year-old. She has now just moved back to Dallas. She has been friends with Matt Nordgren for a while, although Courtney Kerr (Matt’s other good friend) isn’t happy bout that.