Luke, star of FOX's "More to Love"

Luke, star of FOX's "More to Love"

“More to Love” premieres tonight on FOX. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen one of the thousand commercials for it, it is the plus-sized “Bachelor.” The Fatchelor, if you will. Luke is the eligible 300-lb hunk who has 20 plus-sized women to choose from. The promos say that the average American woman is a size 12 while the average reality show contestant is a size 2.

I take a little issue with the idea that a size 12 is plus-sized.  Doesn’t that depend a lot on height? A size 12 5’0 girl is a lot bigger than a size 12 6’0 girl. Also, I’ve seen the women who are competiting. There is definitely a difference between the curvier girls and the actually obese girls.

Finally, all throughout the show whenever a girl talks to the camera her weight is put on the screen along with her name. Is that really necessary? I mean, it’s not a weight loss show and we can all see that these girls are not a size 2, so why do we care how much they weigh?

For a gallery of the women vying for Luke’s affections, check out Zap2It.

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