Y’know after Mel Gibson started being…all Mel Gibson-y, it’s hard to believe he was in a movie called What Women Want. He clearly doesn’t know.

modern family two monkeys and a panda

Modern Family knows what women want. In Modern Family Two Monkeys and a Panda Phil learns how to deal with women. Not that women need to be dealt with. As a women, I’d object to that. But that’s not the point. Women at a spa taught Phil that his wife, Claire, often talks and wants just a sympathetic and supportive ear rather than being told what she should have done. When Phil does that, Claire feels like he assumes he’s smarter than her.

Really, isn’t this what most people want? Not to be told what they should have done, but to just be heard?

Episode Synopsis: MODERN FAMILY “Two Monkeys and a Panda” Season 2 Episode 17 – Claire wears herself out trying to make peace between Alex and Haley; Phil sneaks off for a day at the spa; Cameron decides to write a book. Photo: ABC

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