Do you know everything about Phil Dunphy’s parenting rules? Explore over 50 great Modern Family trivia questions and answers! Learn some new facts, or challenge your friends to a game.

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How well you do you know them? Photo: ABC

How did Sofia Vergara think the character of Gloria would be embraced by fans?

She was worried no one would like her for seeming like a loud trophy wife.

Finish this quote from Phil to Claire in a Halloween episode “Open House of Horrors”: “You’re the kind of person who can be twice as scary without any…”


At the 2013 Emmy’s, Julie Bowen’s bright and memorable dress was what color?

A neon yellow.

After three seasons, in 2012, what did the actors ask for?

More money!

What color are the stairs at Gloria and Jay’s house?

Acceptable answers: Red (Burgundy, Orange) or White. (Or red AND white.)

What year did Modern Family premiere?


What was the first scene that Eric Stonestreet filmed, aside from the pilot?

When Cam and Mitch lock Lily in the car, accidentally.

Which cast member has a background as a clown?

That’d be Eric Stonestreet.

Modern Family is syndicated on what cable network?

The USA Network

What color was Ariel Winter’s dress at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards?


Finish this quote from Luke, “I’m not adorable, I’m growing…”

A mustache.

True or Falce: Claire and Phil Dunphy own a piano?

True, it is in their living room.

What is the name of the actor who plays Dylan?

Reid Ewing.

When did Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan first meet?

On the set of Wings.

What household object did Julie Bowen specifically use during shooting the pilot, in order to hide her pregnancy?


What show did Lloyd and Levitan first create for FOX?

Back to You with Patricia Heaton, Fred Willard, Josh Gad, Ty Burrell and Kelsey Grammer.

The show’s tory about Luke being shot by his Dad, Phil, is based on whose real life?

Steve Levitan and his son.

What controversy did Ariel Winter have at the 2011 Emmy’s?

Many thought her cleavage-baring dress was too risque for her age of 13-years-old.

How old was Sarah Hyland when she auditioned for 15-year-old Haley?

She was 19!

What is the name of the actor who plays Mitch and Cam’s friend, Pepper Saltzman?

Nathan Lane

What is the name that Cam uses for two male behind’s touching in a gym.

Moon landing.

Who was cast on the show first?

Sofia Vergara.

Why did the twins get recast for season 3?

Because they were unhappy being on set, and always crying.

What was unique about Aubrey Anderson-Emmon’s audition?

It was her first audition ever.

What actor plays Phil’s Dad?

Fred Willard

What is Claire’s favorite holiday?


What was the term for what Cam and Mitch tried to do with Lily’s sleep habits in season 1?


Fans signed a petition for Cam and Mitch to do what?

To kiss.

Why does Julie Bowen cross her arms so oddly in the Modern Family pilot?

Because she was pregnant and trying to keep her belly out of the shot.

What is the color of Mitch’s robe on the mural in Lily’s bedroom?


What is special about Cam’s shirts?

They are all created by the costume designer.

The dog, Stella, is played by two dogs named…

Beatrice and Brigitte.

How do you spell Ty’s last name of Burrell?

Burrell – Two r’s and two l’s.

What was changed about the character of Cam after Eric Stonestreet was cast?

He was made more flamboyant.

Who else were considered for the roles of Phil and Jay?

Matt LeBlanc Craig T. Nelson. Offers went out to both of them first, but both wanted too much money.

Which cast member had been signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ed O’Neil, but he was cut in training camp.

What is the name of the actress who is Jay’s ex-wife?

Shelley Long

Who else was considered to play Claire?

Lisa Kudrow and Kristen Johnston.

Why was Julie Bowen nearly not able to shoot the pilot?

Because she was about 8 months pregnant with twins.

Phil Dunphy was written with what actor in mind?

Ty Burrell!

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