On Modern Family “See You Next Fall” we learned a vital tip to speech-writing, and even got an English lesson.

Most fun way to be embarrassed: Cameron fell in the kiddie pool, and then fell again while getting out of it. If you do fall into a pool, try not to fall on your way to safety.

A good speech: Take a good song and just say it. Like “Don’t stop believing!” This advice courtesy of Hayley. Just don’t try to woo a woman by reciting the Nine Inch Nails song “I want to F*#k you like an animal.”

Want to make someone sad? “You know what’s really sad? The end of Titanic.” – Phil

Amazonian Carnivorous Fish: If you become an outcast you’ll be a social pariahs, not a social piranha.

Everybody has their stuff: Even the people you think have it easy have problems.