Am I the only one who felt that “Goodnight Gracie” didn’t feel like a finale? But it was, Modern Family season 4 went out last night, so let’s talk about what happened.


There was not much character change. By my estimation, aside from Alex knowing she should be a bit less cautious, only Mitchell decided to make a change. He, of course, is ready to get back into the courtroom. And it was a lot of fun to see him working that Southern courtroom, annoying the judge and being dramatic.

Next up, let’s comment on Cam. Well, he always walks a fine line between hilarious or annoying. This time, I found him hilarious with his gossipy ways. (Where was Lily? I just realized she wasn’t there! They probably choose not to bring her, but I can’t remember them even mentioning it once. Lily has become annoying, so I was just relieved not to have her around….shhh.)


Gloria didn’t have much going on, but Jay certainly did. I thought the plot point was going to advance to have Gloria meeting Jay’s “first” and there being some jealousy…but in the end it was kind of a pointless bit that didn’t really work for me.

Phil and Claire had a great storyline in “Goodnight Gracie” and were never funnier than when Claire had to eat crow and lie about being a vacuum saleswoman. Ty Burrell really hit it out of the park in his final scenes as he was crying to a stranger and talking about his Mother.


The kids didn’t have much going on. It’s worth noting that the porch bit at the end with Luke and Manny was very entertaining. Alex also had a very sweet storyline.

All in all, I’m not sure what this episode was missing but I suppose that had it been longer or had a more dramatic storyline I would have realized we were at the end of season 4. As it is, I can’t wait for Modern Family season 5…what about you?


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