Enjoy these hilarious ‘Modern Family’ season 5 quotes from “And One to Grow On.”

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Modern Family Quotes Season 5, Episode 11 “And One to Grow On”

I can’t believe there’s such a thing as autopsy camp. – Luke
I come from a long line of dancing Dunphy’s. A kickline. – Phil

A corpse you are. – Phil

No son of mine’s going to high school without learning a basic box step. – Phil

Remember the great Kevin Bacon from Footloose?
More like Footlooser. – Luke
Careful! – Phil

Just be because you’re a dancer doesn’t mean I have to be one, too. Cha cha cha. Dammit. – Luke

Moola sounds like coola… – Phil
Not a word. – Claire
It’s in the air conditioning vent. – Phil

Okay, that’s a lot of mirror looking…and that’s me saying that. – Haley

Can we put the brakes on the sarcasm? – Haley

Then WHY do we keep this thing? – Claire, about Titanic Book

We’ll see them next time, just as soon as that tiger un-eats Roy! – Cam

Jay, what do you like better – the accent or the balloons? – Gloria
I’ve been asking myself that since I met you. – Jay

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