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In  the Modern Family episode, “The Late Show,” all three of our couples are waiting on their partners. And there does always seem to be this dynamic in relationships. But the question is…which part of the equation are you?

Are you always waiting, or are you the one making someone else wait?

Are you a Clare, Phil, Cam, Mitch, Jay or Gloria?

Don’t be mistaken, all of those who were taking their time had specific styles.

Claire (Julie Bowen) – Her style is that she’s preoccupied by her kids and home and everything else that she doesn’t make entertainment or night’s out a priority. This means she’s always late because she’s focused on something else. If you’re a Claire, make sure you take some time for yourself and trust that things won’t completely fall apart without you for a night.

Gloria (Sofia Vergara) – Well, she already told her why she’s often so late. She really likes the idea of being a diva up in a bedroom, having people wait on her. She loves making an entrance. If you’re a Gloria, consider speeding things up – you can still make a grand entrance from a tall staircase while being on time.

Cam (Eric Stonestreet) – He loves to take his time getting ready, and simply doesn’t know any other way. He moves slow, and probably has some trouble making snap decisions. If you’re a Cam, plan things out in advance and respect other’s by not indulging in lollygagging too much! Make sure you honor the fact that you love time to primp, so consider spending a few extra hours earlier in the day to get ready and make an event of it.

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Modern Family Poll – “The Late Show”