Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham, I miss you.

As much as I love Lauren Graham, I’m kind of not feeling very into the new show “Parenthood” on NBC. I already love “Modern Family” on ABC, and these shows definitely will be fighting for the same viewers. Only time will tell if one is funnier than the other, or if they’re equal on the laugh-o-meter. “Modern Family” was definitely the underdog, and had “Parenthood” been able to go forward with a Fall release as planned, “Modern Family” might never have gotten the audience it deserved. Another overlooked family show is Patty Heaton‘s “The Middle”, also on ABC. It’s genuinely funny but I don’t know if many people are watching. There was a time when most shows on TV were family-oriented, but these days there may not be room for them all. We need our CSI, SVU: Beverly Hills Vampire Crime Lab Reality shows!

These shows are ALL better than “Brother’s and Sisters” that’s for damn sure. I’d rather laugh along with a show than laugh at plotlines for being so dumb.