So, you want the ultimate crowd-sourced opinion of this episode of Modern Family? Maybe with a list of the top quotes and opinions? …You got it!


Since I was covering Modern Family season 4, episode 22 “My Hero” over at Sidecastr, I got a perfect look at what Twitter was talking about when talking about the show with the hashtag #modernfamily.

So, without further adiu…

Here’s my…your….OUR review of Modern Family “My Hero”

Popular quote from the episode: “Totally loving this! If no one gets a concussion we’re definitely coming back.” – Cam

You guys remember that Luke wrote his essay about Claire instead of Phil. People weren’t confused about this, they just thought it was sweet.

People were excited to see a small cameo by Lex Medlin. I must confess I am not too familiar with him.

Phil and Gloria were a big hit.

Many people shouted out some love for Phil.

Many other’s said they wished they had a Cam or Jay in their lives. Although…

Sidecastr: It's tons of fun!

Sidecastr: It’s tons of fun!

A few people seemed to think Cam was more annoying than funny.

No one really wanted to see more of Phil in his underwear. (Sorry Ty Burrell.) There was also some speak of why all dudes on TV who get pants are wearing “tightie whities.”

Popular quote from the episode: “I worked my fingers to the bone to get these jumpy Protestants to like me.” – Cam


There was a lot of talk about how the overlay on the screen to promo other ABC shows was in the way, too big, and made people feel like Modern Family was about to end because they look like end credits coming up, too. Honestly, I totally relate to having the same impulse feeling every time I looked at the screen.

Overall, this episode was a hit. People kept saying simple things about how they loved it, and they couldn’t believe that anyone wouldn’t.

Looking for apps for watching TV and get more out of the experience? Sidecastr is where it's at!

Looking for apps for watching TV and get more out of the experience? Sidecastr is where it’s at!

Many people tweeted that their idea of flirting was awkwardly close to Hayley Dunphy.

Modern Family Season 4, Episode 22 “My Hero” Review. Series created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd.

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