People loved this episode of ‘Modern Family,’ and with good reason. It was stalled at first, but the last ten minutes were solid. And the last five minutes? Amazing.

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Well, you knew Las Vegas would be a trip. You just never guessed the best stuff would happen in two ubiquitous hotel rooms and one confusing hallway.

The episodes had a lot of miscommunications, and utilized many doors and two rooms. It reminded us a lot of an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode, and the ‘Frasier’ episode about the cabin.

This episode dealt with just adults (Jay, Gloria, Mitch, Cam, Claire, Phil) and no kids. But one ‘Modern Family’ fan on Twitter had an idea for a follow-up episode from this Vegas one. Check it out:

@starwolf_oakley: (21:30:34) I wonder if the kids could ever do an episode like this? Without Fred Amrison (sic) in a tub. #modernfamily

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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