After the big 2010 Emmy wins for Modern Family, a lot of new fans are interests in getting Modern Family on DVD. As we told you guys earlier, the Modern Family DVD has a release date of September 21, 2010.

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Fox Home Entertainment sent Modern Family season 1 for us to take a look. I’ve watched all of these episodes before, but like any high-quality comedy show, they are all enjoyably rewatchable. The main screen has upbeat, familiar Modern Family music (Hey! Hey! du du du du. Yes, I’m musical!) and shows little snippets of our favorite moments from the episodes on that disc, grouped by character. For instance, the fourth disc shows Jay putting Mitchell in a headlock, Manny screaming from a “serial killer,” and Cam playing the drums like a badass.

These screens use the orange color (on white) we’ve come to associate with the show’s logo, and the navigation bar is very easy to use. You know how sometimes you can’t figure out what you’re clicking to? There’s no room for mix-up’s like that with the Modern Family season 1 DVD. Walking away from this DVD, I have an even greater appreciation for this series that I love. I had underestimated how funny Julie Bowen is, naturally.

These are the Modern Family Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray special features:

● Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes

Find out what Jay would call himself if he got famous, how Phil’s Dad would like to stay “Green”, what Manny brings to bed with Jay and his Mom, and how Phil screamed like a girl for Cameron’s drumming  . It’s mostly extended scenes. Nothing super, super exciting. This isn’t my favorite section.

● Deleted Family Interviews

(This is supposed to be on the disc, but I didn’t see it anywhere. Kinda sad, because I was hoping to see these!)

● Gag Reel

We get a funky countdown reel with an image of Ty Burrell (Phil) with a mustache. Niiice! There are some excellent ad-libs that aren’t in the show. Watching Mitchell and Claire practice ice skating lifts is great. And watching all of the cast members flub their lines and joke with others is really, really fun. These people are hilarious. You’ll get impersonations, tongues stuck out, foreign make-believe languages being made up, weird ways of finishing forgotten lines (Julie Bowen surprises me by being so awesome!), and seeing several takes of Nolan Gould (Luke) running into a screen door. This is my faaaavorite section!

● Real Modern Family Moments

This is where you’ll see home video of Steven Levitan’s family – he’s the executive producer/co-creator of Modern Family. He explains some family stories that evolved into storylines on the show. We learn that Mitchell being terrified of pigeons is because Ilana Wernick – consulting producer  – is afraid of them, too. What happened on the show with Mitchell really did happen to her. Brad Walsh – writer/co-executive producer – also has a past where he was on a figure skating team with his sister – just like Claire and Mitchell! The crew shares more of their own personal stories that become parts of the show. This segment ends with a real life exploration of a crawl space under a house.

● Before Modern Family

The cast explains what they were doing before being on the show. Eric Stonestreet is especially adorable and hilarious. We also see some of the screen tests for Modern Family. I like that they let us see how the cast is acting behind the scenes. They really feel like (you’re gonna say this is cheesy!) a family. You must watch this for so many reasons, but especially to see Nolan Gould call Julie Bowen a “gentle lady.” Did you know he’s in Mensa?

● Fizbo the Clown

Here we find out the background of Fizbo the Clown – he has a long and stories history. “I always say the best thing about being a clown is the drive to the parties.” – Eric Stonestreet

● Modern Family: Making of “Family Portrait”

We get to see scenes from the table read with the cast. We also get to hear about how the story of the perfect family portrait originated. (Note: I love Ilana Wernick!) There is also behind-the-scenes moments about the pigeon in the house sequence, Cameron’s wedding singing, and the Basketball game.

● Modern Family Hawaii

Behind-the-scenes images are merged with cast interviews about making the episode. I really wish I could go to Hawaii – everything looks so bright and happy. Don’t I deserve happy-er, -happiness?! Well, I get a lot of happiness from Modern Family. So we’re square for now.

The cast of Modern Family: Ed O’Neil, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter

Modern Family Directors: Jason Winer, Michael Spiller, Reginald Hudlan, Randall Einhorn, Chris Koch

Modern Family Writers: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh, Dan O’Shannon, Danny Zuker, Joe Lawson, Bill Wrubel