Whether you want to vote for Barack Obama or Mit Romney, we can all agree on Modern Family.

modern family

Join TV’s #1 family for another hilarious and refreshingly original season of Modern Family, winner of eleven Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series two years in a row! Season Three features a hilarious gag reel and never-before-seen couch confessions that will make you laugh out loud and remind you why viewers and critics alike have fallen in love with this thoroughly modern family.

There are certain kinds of shows that I advocate for people to own on DVD or Blu-ray, and sitcoms are one of them. Especially if it’s one of your favorites, with layers and jokes to discover during multiple viewings. For me, I love having sitcoms on while I’m at home doing just about anything. It’s not just noise, it’s friendly noise. And I can always catch a joke I love. Plus, they’re relaxing. You don’t have to pay attention the way you would with a drama.

Warning: prolonged exposure to Modern Family episodes may have you calling up your extended family to plan mini golf day trips, following half the cast on Twitter, and trying to get your hair to look as good as Sarah Hylands does. (I believe she uses a large barrel curling iron to create those waves, try it out!)

While going to write this review, I found a piece in the NY Times which stated that both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have said they love Modern Family. Democrats and Republican’s can’t always agree on a lot… (understatement, understatement!) but for this, they do. Sure, it might be a carefully crafted statement issued for political leverage in a certain sector or blah blah blah, who knows. (Politics, oy.) I just like to think that a quality TV show can bring lots of different people together. After all, isn’t that what the premise of Modern Family is all about? (Yup, I’m making it cheesy.)

So, be you a Democrat, Republican, Independent or other… consider this show your safe zone. I highly recommend this show to anyone.

Modern Family Season 3 Hijinks Highlights

  1. Dude ranch
  2. Marriage proposal a la Dylan
  3. Dylan is at Disney World
  4. Leslie Mann and the dynamics of a gay BFF
  5. Blowing up a birdhouse
  6. Lily can’t share because someone else can’t share
  7. Cameron NEEDS his Tupperware
  8. A light up flower girl dress
  9. Claire is competitive, so is Jay, and Cam…
  10. The Wizard of Oz birthday theme is a disaster!
  11. Pumpkins are chucked… or punkins are chunked, rather.
  12. Dreamers vs Pritchetts!
  13. Clown funeral, need I say more?
  14. Manny is a “responsible relative” for Hayley’s party
  15. Luke and Manny are jealous of Lily, something must be done to restore the balance!

Modern Family Season 3 Blu-ray extras

Deleted Family Interviews
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Destination: Wyoming (A look at the cast and crew hanging out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to film the premiere episode.)
A Day on the Set with Ty (What does Ty Burrell do each day? Find out!)
Adventures of the Modern Family Kids (Filmed mostly in Wyoming.)
A Modern Family Christmas
Driving Lessons
Ed O’Neill Gets a Star
Modern Family Goes to Disneyland
Gag Reel

Season 3 Writers included:

Brad Walsh, Bianca Douglas, Ben Karlin, Dan O’Shannon, Elaine Ko, Bill Wrubel, Abraham Higginbotham, Jeffrey Richman, Paul Corrigan

Ed O’Neill
Sofía Vergara
Julie Bowen
Ty Burrell
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Eric Stonestreet
Sarah Hyland
Ariel Winter
Nolan Gould
Rico Rodriguez
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Reid Ewing

Created by: Steve Levitan, Christopher Llyod,

Modern Family season 3 on Blu-ray or DVD is available in stores on online for purchase by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
Modern Family season 4 premieres Wednesday, September 26th on ABC.

Disclaimer: Copy received for review purposes.

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