Photo Credit: Danny Feld / ABC

Photo Credit: Danny Feld / ABC

Modern Family was in perfect form last night with its episode “Airport 2010”. If this were the Olympics, this episode would get a perfect 10 from me. Since Modern Family is paired alongside Cougar Town, I just don’t know HOW I could love Wednesdays from 9-10 pm any more than I already do! (Wait, I know – if they added Better Off Ted!)It’s just not feasible.These are shows that actually make me LOL – which is something I’ve often typed, but usually never did. (I’m outing myself as a liar, yes.)


Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) gave the most amazing impersonation of Billy Elliot. The banter between Cam and Mitchell is always worth re-watching.

Manny was dressed up for the flight in a leisure suit. I love this kid.

Just when I thought we wouldn’t have anymore Home Alone vibes, we see via a “four hours earlier” flashback that Dylan was locked inside the house. Yes! Can you imagine being under house arrest, in a house that isn’t your own? You could eat all of their ice cream and jump on the couches like the ground was made of lava! (I do this anyway.)

“Every Realtor is just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere, but not me. I’m completely clueless.”


The entire Jasper playdate plotline was hilarious. Jasper is apparently the Brad Pitt of the preschool world. I think Jasper is the STEVE HOLT! of Modern Family.

From the very beginning, I started to feel this episode reminded me of Home Alone. If they had left Manny home alone, think of what that episode would be like. I’d love to know what that kid would do when left to his own devices, able to do whatever he wants.

The sister dynamics between Hayley and Alex were perfectly portrayed. Hayley’s “true love” tortured artist turned out to be a 14-year-old boy. Alex did not stifle her laughter.

Claire just wanted to be reassured about flying, but Luke just HAD to mention that it would be awesome if the plane crashed on an island like in Lost. Something tells me Luke doesn’t know about the Smoke Monster.

Ariel Winter is a really cool name. I never realized that. Does that formula of a Disney princess name plus a season work for anything? Jasmine Summer. Belle Autumn. Aurora Spring. Mulan Winter. …Nope, none are as good! Some of those could be harlequin romance novel names, though.


…I loved everything!