They’re both fiesty and a little crazy…so who would you pick?

gg and mj, mj and gg, shahs of sunset

This season on BRAVO’s ‘Shahs of Sunset’, MJ (Mercedes Javid) and GG haven’t done much but fight and bicker. They actually may not have ever been in the same room without one of them storming away…that’s the situation.

In the most recent episode of ‘Shahs’, we saw their friendship at the worst state its’ ever been. But, as Asa pointed out, those two are obsessed with each other. You can’t hate someone so much if you don’t love them that much.

But, for now, the question remains. If you had to pick sides with one of these women, to be their loyal friend..who would you pick and who would you ditch?

‘Shahs of Sunset’ 2014 POLL – Who’s your ideal bestie…MJ or GG?

mj and gg fight, shahs of sunset, mj and gg, gg and mj

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