What do Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen have in common? Aside from gloriously nerdy dance moves, they’re both hosting the 61st Annual Miss USA pageant together for the second year in a row. Don’t miss all the glitz and glam when the show airs live on NBC on June 3, 2012.

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We had a chance to talk with Rancic and Cohen before the event to see how they felt about their second time at hosting this gig.

Their hosting style is very complimentary. Cohen reasoned, “We’re like dating. We’re like a couple who’s really into each other.” And both of them, of course, love pageants. “It’s like the gay Olympics,” Cohen quipped.

And apparently it’s not the nerve-filled affair you’d suspect. When we asked what advice they’d have for contents who are nervous, we were surprised by the answer. “You know what’s so amazing to me you know none of them were nervous last year. They were all just – I mean they didn’t seem nervous. They’re all so confident and they’ve been through this you know they’ve been through many other pageants, this is the night of their dreams, this is the biggest thing. But they all seemed like they were excited and having fun,” Cohen explained. But if anyone is feeling last minute nerves, he also offered this: “The advice I would give them is just you know breathe and focus and try to have a little fun and experience the moment.”

Rancic was equally amazed. “You know, it’s funny – when I kept asking them I’m like ‘Oh my God are you guys so nervous?’ And they’re like ‘no not at all.’ It was kind of amazing because these girls are – this is their moment and they’re like marines. For them to get to this point they have to win a lot of competitions and they are focused like a marine. I mean they are so disciplined and they are ready. Like they are not going to let nerves you know interfere with their big night and their chance to win.”

So now that we knew the competitors were okay, we wanted to know more about how the hosting would go. On a previous Giuliana and Bill episode, we saw Rancic and Cohen dancing around backstage the first time they hosted these awards. And Rancic was not a fan of Andy’s dancing. So we asked what their signature dance move would be if they were competing for the talent portion of the show.

Cohen, who Rancic said was aging himself, said he’d bring out a classic. “I would do the hustle or some kind of – I would just get into really good disco shape and just bring it out.”

As for Rancic, she was very ambitious. “I would do the running man paired with the roger rabbit. And maybe a little like – yes I know hardcore here. And maybe a little cabbage patch. So we’re talking like 80’s amazing break dancing moves. I know people are scared. And I’d call it the G-Rizzle.” Who’s ready to dance that? Get your party shoes on!

Also learned in the call:

  • Andy Cohen really wants to get married! What he looks for in a potential husband is, “someone strong and independent and someone with their own thing going on and funny and driven and smart.” See: Andy Cohen married, Andy Cohen boyfriend
  • Giuliana Rancic is a huge Andy Cohen fan. “I’m obsessed with Andy I always was a huge Andy Cohen before the pageant last year. When I heard that he was the male host I was like running through the E! News room so excited I couldn’t even contain myself.”
  • Giuliana isn’t ready for another kid just yet, but in the future she’d love tons more. “I’ve always said that I want to have four kids – four or five kids. I’d love a big brood.”
  • When it comes to being on The Celebrity Apprentice, Giuliana was already in talks with them once about it, but the timing was wrong. And her husband, Bill Rancic, said she’d have to win – which is added pressure. Cohen said, “I got too many balls in the air to even speculate at this moment. Bring me an offer and we’ll talk about it.”

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