If the Miss America 2012 Contestants were on The Bachelor…this is what we think might happen.

Since Mike Fleiss of The Bachelor is a judge, we can only imagine if he makes snap judgements and tries to see how things would play out with each girl were they on the show.


Jackie Jerlecki from Goshen, Indiana would probably do well, especially if she was with Ben Flajnik of The Bachelor 2012. She’s got a very sweet look to her. And that endearing feeling is only increased when you learn her career goal is to, “To become an artistic director for a community children’s theatre.” Once the Bachelor learned she wasn’t just a pretty face, she’d move straight to the top of his list!


Ann Blair Thornton would have no clue why she’s on The Bachelor. Back at home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, people likely don’t act as rude as they do on the show. Ann would maybe appreciate all of the rules on the show, but show very little interest in the Bachelor since she looks like she’s a private person who doesn’t want her life acted out on camera. She’d then be eliminated on that first night for seeming “cold” and not showing off any cleavage. Secretly, the other girls would all have loved her retro outfit.

carlie colella


Carlie Colella looks like maybe she’d break into tears easily.  Don’t mock her fragile nature! And hey, it’s an  important quality to have as a Miss America contestant, sure. But it’s downright crucial when you’re a contestant on The Bachelor!


Because of her memorable name, they’d want to keep Molly Whalen around. She gives us kind of an, “Oh Honey” reaction. (Quick, go watch the How I Met Your Mother episode with Katy Perry to see what we mean.) Her career ambition is to To teach Dental Hygiene at the collegiate level. Naturally, her all important platform is Smart Smiles: Promoting the Importance of Oral Health. On the show, we think she’d be a wet blanket and get bossed around.


You guys, Danica Olsen just wants to get everyone off prescription drugs (if they’re abusing them) so she can go coach on a dance team like on The CW’s canceled Hellcats or in any of the Bring it On Movies! It’s not our fault we think we’d paint her as a villain, if you glance at this photo you see a red dress, the ominous red background, and there’s a shadow on her lip that makes her look like she has a vampire fang showing in the image! If she were on The Bachelor maybe she’d be the token mean/crazy girl.


Though she has a dramatic name, Lauren Kealohilani Cheape seems like one of the girls who wouldn’t be so dramatic that she’d scare the Bachelor away. She’d be eliminated third, hanging around but never quite making the cut. Ouch!

Images from MissAmerica.Org.

This is all written as purely speculative. None of these women have been on The Bachelor. All people picked randomly.

Watch the Miss America Pageant tonight on ABC.