Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Photo Credit: NBC

Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Photo Credit: NBC

I was SO excited when I realized that Mindy Kaling was on Jay Leno tonight. What she wore (I always note this stuff, and I know that Kaling would especially appreciate that I did!) was a navy blue cocktail dress with puff sleeves and a bubble skirt, a side ponytail/updo, and gorgeous silver earrings and bracelet.

Kaling is a Robert Downey Jr fangirl, which is awesome. It’s even more awesome because she doesn’t pretend not to be. She was so full of glee, and I was so happy that RDJ stayed for her interview segment!

Kaling noticed his shoes, which prompted him to raise his foot and joke, “Yea well, courtesy of Nike, I don’t mean to flaunt them.” In my earlier RDJ piece, I also noted his red shoes. Kaling and I know what’s important.

“You are my favorite living actor,” she told RDJ. Mindy then mentioned Sherlock Holmes and Soap Dish as favorite movies of hers. “Sherlock Holmes coulda been totally boring, but you made it kind of funny and sexy and stuff.” Downey was very appreciative of her kind comments, and the pair were cute together. Sometimes Mindy would talk TO him, other times she’d talk to Leno ABOUT him. “He’s such a badass, he’s wearing like, ripped jeans. He’s the coolest guy.”

But we love Mindy in general, and I’m glad we got to talk a bit just about her. Kaling recently got invisible braces and feels she has a terrible lisp now. I don’t think so, though! “When I was 12 I was arrogant about how good my teeth were. But now I have to have them.” That sucks, but at least they’re invisible. They’re probably Invisalign, which I hear are not so bad to have.

They aired two clips for Mindy – one of the music video for Subtle Sexuality, and one from The Office. Both were great. I am excited for tomorrow’s episode, and the possibility of another music video by Kelly and Erin. When I interviewed them, they said it might happen.

Mindy Kaling from NBC’s The Office talks about her Robert Downey Jr. obsession and weird fears.

Mind Kaling quotes:

“I’m just trying to keep America safe from pools!”

“I hear that if you’re standing too close to one of the suction things in the pool, it can suck your bowls out. I’m not trying to gross you out.”

“I’m an avid online reader of online myths, true crime… People should know if you go picnicking a murderer could come up to you.”

“I’m in a two-person band with my costar. … It’s basically just so we can wear gold tights and stuff.”

“I want a fan to be on me all the time. Everyone looks amazing with a fan on them.”