You’re going to want to avoid Patti Stanger. We’ve watched enough of The Rachel Zoe Project to know just HOW stressful the life of a stylist can be. And while people should be good at their jobs, no one can be perfect. I hope the stylist that Patti Stanger yelled at can remember that.

Stanger is the host of The Millionaire Matchmaker, and recently had her own engagement called off. She exploded at stylist Lauren Solomon during a photoshoot for Elle Magazine. We know this, because TMZ has it on tape!

“Don’t talk. You think logically. Get your f*cking feelings out of the f*cking room or you’re never going to be a stylist. Here’s what you need to think. This is your moment of me saying your name on the air. Nobody has ever done that for you. So why would you have me in f*cking random clothes?” Stanger yelled.

“This is Elle f*cking magazine! This is the big one! It’s the September issue. The biggest issue of the year.” – Patti Stanger

Her rant continues in a yelling tirade of CRAZY. Lord. Think she’ll allow this to be shown on her reality show? You can watch it here.

I wasn’t a big fan of the show Millionaire Matchmaker before, but now hearing this – I will never give a guilty pleasure moment to the series again.