I have a definite favorite client from the latest episode of, “Million Dollar Shoppers.” And it’s partially because her skin is so luminous it’s like an opal. Damn.

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Who do you think is the most stylish? I’m voting for Derek Loche and Tayler Carson. Photo Credit: Lifetime

Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1, Episode 5 Recap, “This isn’t Brain Surgery, It’s Fashion”

Stylist: Barbet Smith

Client: Devorah Rose
Mission: Big Event Outfit
Budget: $18,000

Devorah Rose..what can we say about this sweet, beautiful woman with the perfectly arched brows? She may be the first client on Million Dollar Shoppers that I didn’t hate! Plus, she even has wrangled herself a fun gay husband, and has an amazing pool at her huge Hampton’s house, and (most wonderfully) is socially conscious about animal cruelty. So, basically I want to be her.

I love a client who loves a jumpsuit. – Barbet Smith

…Barbet. She is my least favorite of the Million Dollar Shoppers. I never seem to like her style, which makes me wonder why I’d trust her to dress me. She’s often…annoying. Even if her outfit isn’t horrible, her hair is always whackadoodle, and I can’t get past her skin. Girlfriend must have really been tanning back in the 80’s… and it looks like she still spray tans or something….her skin is not well-cared for (it reads as very aged, and she shows SO much of it) and looks artificially bronze/orange. With her super sleve physique and gravely voice, I would not be surprised if she’s still a smoker… there’s just something a bit unhealthy about her vibe. Of course, maybe nothing of that is true. But her awful pink frosted lipstick is a FACT. (She kind of reminds me of a verison of the “aging diva” archetype presented by Wendie Malick in “Just Shoot Me.”

“It’s delicious.” – Barbet Smith

Now, on the nice side of the world…I have to say that I do feel inspired by Barbet’s positive, unrelenting energy. As someone who operates on a low level of motivation, that autocorrect is helpful. I’d like to land somewhere in the middle of zombie-like and Katy Perry. (And, love that she used the word reticent.)

Bought: Sequin Gown, Silver Gown, Mirima Salat Earrings, Charlotte Olympia clutch
Item Count: 4
Spent: over 12,000

“It’s a fine line that we walk with a gay husband on our back.” – Barbet Smith

Stylist: Derek Roche

Client: Andrea Warshaw-Wernick
Mission: Fundraiser Dress
Budget: $5,000

I love Derek, and not just because we’ve talked on Twitter. He feels like a best friend, which is what you want whenever you’re shopping with someone. And he brought in a Nanette Lepore dress! I love Lepore. He’s a lot of fun, and brings a happy energy wherever he goes.

His client was amazing. She’s 67 and looks 40. Of course, this is managed by her working out like crazy. She runs a company called, “Fab at Any Age,” and I’m inspired by how she wants older women to still feel fabulous. She was confident with everything, but obviously disliked her arms a lot. That seems sad that she’d be like that. I’m sure her arms aren’t bad!

Bought: Pink dress, heels, vintage chanel earrings, soigne k pearl earrings, and soigne k diamond earrings
Item Count: 5
Spent: over $4,000

Stylist: Amy Salinger

Client: Andrea Correale
Mission: Signature Look
Budget: Unlimited

As far as Amy…I don’t dislike her at all. But I don’t love her, either. She’s safe, and her style gravitates towards contemporary looks that I’m not a fan of. But she does seem competent and smart. So, yea.

Correale  looks a bit like an older Jennifer Lawrence. Wow. Milk that, lady! Anyway! I was surprised that her house was …ugly. Let’s just call a spade a spade. And I would never hate on someone for having a vision board (what do you think Pinterest boards are half the time?) but hers were sparse and ugly. Sigh. If you have so much money, why does it look like you don’t? She needs an interior designer, is what she needs.

Like many clients on this show, she didn’t know that you pronounce “Herve Leger” like, “Herve Le-Jay.” Ladies! If you wear it, learn it.

Amy found her a signature look and it’s just …sleeveless, bold-colored dresses. Eh. Carrie Bradshaw would not be impressed.

Bought: green sleeveless dress, red sleeveless dress, two pairs of wedges, one pair of heels.
Item count: 4 items
Spent: over $3,000

“One thing I love about my job is I get to have my told-ya-so moments.” – Amy Salinger

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